Established: April 11, 1909
Population: 451,523

Arguably one of the most exciting cities in the world and Israel's second largest city is none other than the infamous Tel-Aviv. Tel Aviv is the most eclectic city in Israel, welcoming people of all religions, ethnicities, genders and ages and has something to offer for everyone. Located right on the coastline of the Mediterranean are some of Israel's best beaches. The beaches offer various activities such as stand up paddle boarding, waterskiing, surfing, and snorkeling. One of Tel Aviv's greatest assets is its vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle. If you want to have fun- this is the place. From Clubs, to bars to amazing restaurants, there is no time to sleep here in Tel Aviv! Walk around the port of Tel Aviv, stroll down Rothschild or Dizengoff street, relax in park Hayarkon or try to buy groceries or souvenirs in the Carmel Market (Shuk). The best part is, if you have had enough of the modern vibe, swing over to the south of the coast and spend an afternoon in Jaffa. Jaffa is an ancient city filled with the best middle-eastern food and a lot of culture. Even better- you can walk or bike all the way from Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa port for a scenic and memorable stroll on the boardwalk. After a day in Tel Aviv you will never want to leave!

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